Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Santa

Well, Colin hated his visit with Santa. The poor little guy was scared out of his mind. He was in good spirits and watched all the kids go ahead of him with no problems. He even closely watched the little girls that were directly in front of us and was still all smiles. They were really rushing everyone through, and I think if he could have looked him over for a second first, it might have gone at least a little better. However, it was a complete disaster. As soon as I sat Colin down, he started to cry. This shot was that first went downhill from there! I was shocked...I really thought he would go for it, since he is pretty laid back with new people and things. Oh still makes a cute memory! Maybe he will like him more next year. :-)


The Murrays said...

Good thing they snapped fast...he doesn't look too terribly miserable in the picture at least ;-) I'm anticipating Santa drama with Schafer...he likes to warm up to new people and like you said, they usually herd them through like sheep. I think we'll go next week, with crossed fingers.

Anonymous said...

That sucks since Jackson had such a perfect Santa pic when he was that age! Remember that?! He was all smiles!

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