Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Wedding Weekend

Well, I only took two pictures with my camera during the entire wedding weekend. We were all so busy and I kept forgetting it! We took the above picture at my parents house after the wedding. We had to come home to get Colin to bed, hence the pj's and Jer missing his tie. Jer was such a trooper all weekend...he was Mr. Mom all the way. I was so busy with being the matron of honor and Jer had baby duty. He stayed home with the little man while we went over to the dinner afterwards. I really missed him, but it did feel good knowing that Colin was well taken care of during all the action. I had in my mind that Colin would have been able to stay awake long enough to at least have dinner with us at the reception and then Jer could have taken him home. That ended up not working...Colin was totally worn out from all the activity by the time we finished the wedding. Colin and Jer watched the wedding mostly from the church lobby and luckily Jer kept him busy and quiet during the ceremony. The rehearsal was the most fun for Colin...everyone was paying him plenty of attention (his favorite thing!) and he got to run wild around the entire church. I will remember him running up and down the pews at his Aunt Meredith's wedding forever. :-)

The wedding was absolutely stunning and Meredith wore my mother's wedding dress. My parents just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary two weeks ago and it was breathtaking to see Meredith in that dress. She looked EXACTLY like my mother...the mirror image of the wedding pictures that I have stared at my entire life. The church was decorated beautifully for Christmas and we had a backdrop of poinsettias and a cathedral ceiling sized Christmas tree decorated in all ivory and gold, which were the exact colors of the wedding. It was awesome. I could not imagine a more perfect weekend for our family!


Anonymous said...

You guys look GOOD! Sounds like it was a great wedding. Congrats to your sister!

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