Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adorable and Tired!

How cute is my little man?! I had to snap these pictures this afternoon...I put his snack crackers on his table so that he could help himself and he pulled his chair out and sat down! I absolutely melt every single time he does this and I am so glad I managed to get a picture this time. He seems like such a big boy when he sits at that table! I also have a new development to report. Enzo (the worst behaved dog ever) constantly runs outside and starts barking at another dog through the fence. When I go to get him, I always chant, "NO NO NO, ENZO!". Well, today Enzo runs outside to bark as per usual and before I could get up, Colin ran to the window and said, "NO NO NO!". I fell to the floor with praise for him and he loved that, so he continued it all afternoon. He is obviously a genius. ;-)
There seems to be so much going on in our world and so little time for me to blog about it. Colin's sleep is still utterly out of whack and I am trying my best to get it back under control. I am having little success, but I am keeping the faith. He woke up this morning at 4:45, which is actually better than the day before. UGH. I think it has to do with his cold, his Daddy being suddenly gone, teething and growing pains. I have a trip to Tyler planned for later this week, as well as a trip to Austin to see Shannon, so I sure hope he gets better in the next few days. Traveling with a toddler is hard enough without being sleep deprived and getting up all night and then before dawn. We had our first major meltdown yesterday...oh MAN, it was bad! I needed some groceries, so we headed to Wal-Mart. On the way there, Colin started to fuss in his seat, which is rare. He normally loves the car unless it has been a long time stuck inside. We pulled into the parking space and I got a cart that was sitting right there and tried to put Colin in the front seat like always. He lost his mind. He arched his back, kicked his legs out and started screaming. I am talking serious screaming...like, "This woman is BEATING me, someone call the police!" screaming. It was horrible. He has never done anything close to that before, so I was totally blown away and floundering. I tried to calm him, but it just got worse. He was kicking so hard that I almost dropped him! I tried to put him back in the car, which meant strapping him back in the car seat, obviously. Yeah. Not good. He was totally losing his mind. If I had been a stranger seeing this, I would have thought Colin was being kidnapped. I finally got him strapped in and he screamed the whole way home. The poor guy is so exhausted and I felt so badly for him. And me, for that matter! Needless to say, I did not get groceries. Luckily he was in better spirits today after getting a morning nap, so I managed to get to Wal-Mart. You should have seen me...I was chanting under my breath, "Please please please let me get the cat litter before the tantrum!". HA! Everything turned out okay. Remember when we did not have kids and used to stare at women whose kids were freaking out and thought, "That will never be me". Uh huh. ;-)
We still miss you, Daddy! :-)


The Murrays said...

Ohhhhhhh, I got the best visual when you described that tantrum...it might help that Schafer has thrown about FIVE of those in public in the last few weeks. Apparently, the terrible two's comes at 18 months in our house. At least, I HOPE this is as bad as it gets because if it's not...well, I don't even want to mentally go there! Colin looks as cute as a button at that table and you're right, it really does make him seem very grown-up. (sniff) I'm sending lots of sleeping baby and well rested mommy vibes to you for the upcoming week of travel. Either way...YAY for distractions to make the time away from your hubby pass FAST!!!

Anonymous said...

Mama told me about the Wal-Mart incident...I'm so sorry! I feel awful for both of you!! And you actually reminded me to get cat litter...so thank you for that. Lol! I'm excited about our Tyler trip this weekend! Maybe a Mama sandwich might make you feel better. ;) I'm totally craving a bacon & miracle whip on white bread..lol!

Melibelle said...

Ohhhh that stinks!!! Once when D & I first got married I took Gabriel to the store with me and he did this!!! The stares u get when an 11 yr old does this are Bad!!! I just wanted to scream he's auistic he can't help it at this old lady looking at my like I was the devil!!! It was a terrible... So Gab I don't go too many places without dad anymore!!!

Hope sleeping gets better too!!! I can't even imagine living on that little sleep!! :):) Tyler will make it all better! It always does!!

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