Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blue Cars and Broken Thumbs

Well, date night was wonderful...we ended up staying closer to home and eating at one of our favorite Mexican places in Southlake. It is the kind of place that always has a wait and never works with a toddler in tow. Needless to say, it was amazing. We waited 40 minutes for our table and then we sat and drank margarita's and ate guacamole and queso...without ordering our food! We actually waited! Oh, the novelty! :-) Our dinner turned out amazing and we even shared dessert. We had a wonderful time actually enjoying our food for a change. It was a much needed night out!

Now for the ridiculous part...I slammed my thumb in the car door when we got home. The damn thing is now broken. Yes, only I could fracture my thumb on date night. We were in Jer's two door sports car, which I never ever ride in, and I guess the different weight of the door was too much for me. I am such a rock star, let me tell you. I ended up at Care Now on Sunday morning and now it is purple, black, peeling, gross and hurts like hell. Lovely. I don't recommend taking care of a toddler with broken digits. Only me. ;-)

To end my little update, I have some pictures of Colin from our walk this evening. I took him around the block in his blue car and once we were a couple of blocks from home, he decided he wanted to walk. Immediately. I was nervous, but he was such a big boy about it! I told him that we had to always walk on the sidewalk and he had to stay next to Mama. He did it! We walked all the way home together and I was so proud! Here he is just being super adorable:

Checking things "under the hood". ;-)

Heading out! Honk honk!!


Anonymous said...

He is TOTALLY ready for the car cart at the grocery store! :)

Isn't it great how a simple evening at a restaurant can be so enjoyable these days? Although, it tends to be more fun when you don't break bones in the process. Good grief girl, that sucks! Hope thumbs heal fast!

Melibelle said...

broken bones on date night... :(:(

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