Friday, February 20, 2009

19 Months Old!

Colin Dickson is 19 months old today! He is such a big guy! We had a great day together running errands and playing. It took me two stops, but I finally bought book three, Eclipse, and I am looking forward to reading a little bit tonight. I went to Wal-Mart and Target today, yet still managed to forget eggs. Why must I always forget at least one important thing every single time I go to the store?!? While that adds little to the value of this post, I thought you should know. :-)

Colin is currently obsessed with cats. He absolutely adores them. He now finds them everywhere...regardless of what book we are reading, if he spies a cat in the illustrations, he yells, "KITTY!!!!!". He laughs and points and starts jumping up and down, which ruins the story being read, but is still adorable. He shouts kitty whenever he sees one on TV and also when he lays eyes on Ferris Mewler. Ferris now uses it as a warning...when Colin yells kitty, Mr. Mewler takes off. I wish we could get another cat for that is nice and allows actual physical contact, which Ferris Mewler is vehemently opposed to. I doubt that will happen anytime soon...our two pets are plenty for this household. Tomorrow is Jer's birthday and I am very happy to announce that we are actual having DATE NIGHT!!!!! Aunt Alie is coming to keep Colin and we have big plans for dinner and a movie. The evening is Jer's choice and tonight he decided that he really wants to head into Dallas to eat at our all time favorite Thai place. I am beside myself with excitement...our favorite food eaten in normal time without fear of a toddler meltdown. This is very exciting!

I would also like to add that February is the month of birthdays for people I love. It is really rather annoying. It makes me feel like the black sheep. ;-) I celebrate a lot in February. My twin sisters are the 8th, mom is the 12th, dad is the 16th, Jer is the 21st, brother-in-law is the 28th, and Kate and Carson are also the 12th. So here is one great big happy birthday to all you crazy people! I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

I am cracking up at the thought of Colin yelling "KITTY!!!" He should come to our house...although the cats are usually quite skeptical of little ones, Gabby is slowly beating them down and they are becoming a little more tolerable to toddler attention.

Hope you guys had a great date night and that Jeremy had a fabulous birthday. I am sure I will be craving Thai food for several days now that you mentioned it!

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