Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been living like a hermit now for over a month...since Colin has been all over the map with sleep, I have been avoiding taking him to any morning activities. I am always so concentrated on naps that I don't want to risk him falling asleep in the car (which destroys all hope for a legit nap) or worse yet, having a sleepy man tantrum wherever we are going. It hit me this morning that despite us staying home and me being the nap nazi, Colin is still not sleeping any better at all. I decided that I need to try a different approach all together. We need to live our lives, Colin needs to play with other kids, and we basically need to get out of this house and do things. So I went totally out of my comfort zone. I let Colin destroy the inside of my closet so that I could brush my teeth and hair and put on a small amount of actual make-up. I tucked him into the car and we headed out to attend our first and long awaited Gymboree class. The class is a Christmas present from Shannon and the twins...easily the best present of the season! We have been trying to start for literally weeks, with me postponing it every time due to naps. I called on my way (I was not going to take no for an answer) and told them we would like to sign up at the last minute for today's class. They said it was no problem, so we made it there about 15 minutes early for the 9:30 class. There was a good bit of confusion...we ended up attending the play class for 10 - 16 month olds. OOPS. The woman at the front desk was not the sharpest tool in the shed and failed to direct me to the right place. It was funny...I knew Colin was WAY older than the kids playing and figured we were just waiting for music class to start, since we were early. Nobody ever came to get us, so we attended the whole wrong class. We worked it out afterwards with the woman apologizing profusely to me and (obviously) not counting the class as one of his four music classes. So we basically got a free morning of play time including awesome bubbles and toys. Colin was not broken up about it. ;-) He had a blast even though he was a little tired. He loves the bubbles so much...that was also his favorite part of Gabby's party at The Little Gym. We are going to start music class next Friday morning at 10:30. There are more kids in that class and Miss April, the teacher, said she thought Colin would have a good time. I am very excited to try that one. I think we will start keeping up with these classes and try everything, including Kindermusik. Colin needs the interaction and the different environment, as do I! We will be heading to the park today to complete our fun filled day together...we make a very good team!

Oh, and sadly, there are no pictures from Gymboree this morning. Although I don't recall Colin having access to it at all, the camera has gone into the black toddler hole. I will find it....hopefully soon. I just need to start thinking of places that I would never think of. Ha!

Also, I finished "New Moon", book two of the Twilight series. I personally thought that Bella was rather annoying in this book and I am looking forward to a new path in book three. I did remind myself that the character is 17, but could she have been more melodramatic? Anyway, I will have the next book shortly! :-)


The Murrays said...

Sometimes changing the routine can work wonders...maybe Colin just needs a change of scenery to get back on track *fingers crossed* I know how absolutely awful sleep deprivation can be...for all parties involved!!! I'm excited to hear how your classes go. I haven't fit it in yet, with Trav's work schedule, me taking some cases, the YMCA and the round of tummy flus and viruses we've had this year, but it sounds like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

That is such a good attitude! I am pretty good about not hermitizing ourselves, but I am NOT good about getting out of my comfort zone and being more spontaneous. But the few times I have, it has always resulted in a fun and special time.

We LOVE Kindermusik!! I bet Colin will too.

And I am SO with you about Bella. She drove me nuts in that book, always being so whiny and klutzy and stupid. I wanted to smack her at times. Although I still loved the books, because I was reading for Edward, not for Bella :)
It DOES get better.

Melibelle said...

I didn't think she was super annoying! I felt so bad for her cause she was so LOST! I finished it last night! I've already started Eclipse tonight! I am just happy the world is right again and her and Edward are back together!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're reading the Twilight series!!

Anonymous said...

That was from me...accidentally posted as 'anonymous.' Oops!

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