Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chefs, Daydreams and Showers

I am not one to wax poetic about my cooking, but I am pretty sure that I made the best roasted chicken of all time tonight. It was lick your plate good. It was better than any that I have ever had in any restaurant. I mean this was SERIOUSLY good. I also made a salad that was to die for. Am I bragging? Yes. ;-) I never cooked before I stopped working and it has been my mission in life to become an excellent chef. I want Colin to love my cooking and I have been working pretty hard on this goal. I am dying to be the house that all of Colin's friends want to come to because I make the yummiest treats and have the most welcoming home. I have this image in my head...piles of cleats and gym bags cluttered at my back door, shouts and laughs filling the kitchen and a mess of boys clamouring to get second helpings during dinner at my house after the game. I know it is probably silly, but I picture things like that all the time. I love to imagine what it will be like to have a handsome young man living in my house and all the fun that will go along with it. ANYWAY, I made garlic lemon roasted chicken tonight and I am finally at the point that I can make changes to recipes and do my own thing. This turned out honestly beyond what I thought I could accomplish and it was so simple! I would have taken a picture, but we destroyed the bird before I remembered! If anyone is interested in the recipe, I will post it soon. Since I did my own thing, I want to make sure I remember exactly what I did before I share it. I don't want to miss a thing in translation because this baby was GOOD. ;-) I cook a LOT, but rarely feel the need to devote a whole blog post to it, so you know I am serious about this. haha!

In Colin news, we added something new to our nighttime ritual tonight! Jer takes a bath with Colin every night in our big tub; it is their "man time" together and Colin adores it. I lay his towel out on the bed and always scoop him out of the tub and take over for pajama duty. Jer will get dressed and join us in Colin's bed for family story time, which is basically Colin picking out what books he wants to read and who is going to read them and how many times. Tonight, Jer got out of the tub and jumped into the shower while I got Colin out of the tub. He asked Colin if he wanted to try the shower out. Colin was immediately all smiles and trying to climb out of the tub in record time. I stood him in front of the shower door and he first stuck a toe in, hesitated and then walked in to stand beside dad. I shut the shower door fully thinking that Colin would want to immediately get back out. He pressed his hands on the glass and I opened the door. Colin said, "NO MOM! CLOSE!". Well, then. I closed the door as directed and then stood back to watch. Colin loved the shower. We have a shower head that comes off the wall and Jer had it down at Colin's level. He was laughing and washing Jer and himself and jumping up and down. It was one of those adorable moments that you know you will always remember. As I suspected, he did not want the shower to end. We turned off the water and Jer stepped out, leaving Colin standing in the shower stall, holding the shower hose and marching around in the water remaining in the bottom. He started chanting, "MORE SHOWER!" and I told him that we used all the water and the shower had to go night night. He was none too pleased about it. I have the distinct impression that bath time is now going to require both a bath and a shower. Well after the bath, Colin ran back into our bathroom chanting, "MY SHOWER MY SHOWER!". I will now put in writing that my husband has created a monster. He started it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Chalna, you are so funny...those daydreams of yours are too cute!! I would LOVE your chicken know I love to cook but I have not yet perfected a roast chicken. I am especially bad with getting the cooking time right. Mine are never done when the directions say they should be done, and I end up putting it in and out of the oven for like 45 extra minutes.

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