Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Year, Another Loving Ode to Dr. White

Today, I went to see The Best Doctor Ever, otherwise known as my OB/GYN. If you will recall from last years post, I am utterly and completely in love with this wonderful man. He is a saint in my opinion and I was just as excited to see him this time as I was before. My sister came over to watch Colin and I stopped on the way to get a Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Anyway, I arrive at the office and park it on the giant leather couch in the waiting room and proceed to drink my lovely coffee (despite the "no food or drinks" sign) and read emails on my phone. It occurred to me during this moment that it is a sad day when your yearly gynecologist visit is the most relaxing morning you have had lately. Being a mom can be a very humbling experience at times. Typical of my very busy doctor, he was running behind but I did not mind and enjoyed my moments to myself. When I finally got called back, my favorite two nurses were there as usual and I (of course) talked all about Colin and how I could hardly believe that two years have passed. The best part of the visit was the weigh-in...I had them check and I lost 15 lbs since my last visit! I still have much more that I need to lose, but I was VERY excited to see that I am on the right track. When Dr. White finally walked into the exam room, I was overcome yet again by how much I adore him. Just his presence sends a calm feeling over me. I have trouble accurately explaining how I feel about him; he has a way about his speech and mannerism that is just so serene. He was born to be a doctor, of that I am sure. We talked about all sorts of health things and about Colin. We talked about being parents and me having another child soon. (hopefully soon!) When we started talking about it, he said "I really enjoyed your pregnancy with Colin...I think you should surprise me with a treat instead of a trick for Halloween! What do you think?". Could he be any more wonderful!? :-) Halloween may be wishful thinking, but I must say that I look forward to being cared for by him again during my next pregnancy.

In other news, my sister is still pregnant. STILL. We have all been placing bets on the day and I say she is going to give birth on 9/4. Just putting that out there, universe. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am DYING laughing over here...I was JUST about to leave you a comment on your other post where you mentioned your upcoming doctor visit...I was going to ask if we were going to wax poetic about your OB again :)

You are just too funny.

PBMelibelle said...

I too am laughing! Your the ONLY girl I've ever known to be so dang happy about the most unfortunate doc visit!! your funny! Can't wait to see Meredith's little girl... so I'm gonna need pics somewhere right away please! :) thanks! :)

Laura said...

What does your Dr. White look like? I ask, b/c my Dr. White moved to DFW area and left me and I LOVED him!

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