Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Years Ago...

My little snuggle bear....two years ago. I remember that he had just starting losing his newborn hair and I was exhausted because I had just gone back to work that week. I can't believe that that was exactly two years ago. I am SO glad that I was able to stop working about 3 months later. The days when Colin was 3- 6 months old are a blur to me because I hardly saw him due to my work schedule. He spent almost all his waking hours at Miss Anne's house, who was thankfully the sweetest lady in the world, but I feel like I missed out on this stage. Colin is having a rough week with sleep and I have been feeling very tired and in need of a vacation...this reminds me how lucky I truly am to be taking care of him full time. Despite my current exhaustion, I would never trade this time in a million years.


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