Monday, October 12, 2009

A Very Good Boy!

It seems like forever ago, but there was a time when Enzo was our only baby. We purchased him just a few months after we moved to Dallas, in early 2004. I had been dying for a dog and we stumbled onto Enzo during a leisurely outing to a pet store. There was a woman holding our puppy in her hands...literally in the palm of her hands...and he looked like a baby deer. :-) We just knew; it was love at first sight. It was not long after that happened that I learned about puppy mills and the perils of buying from pet stores, so while we will only be adopting from now on, I still would not trade Enzo for the world! He quickly became our precious baby (along with Gretchen the cat, aka Mitts, who had been with me forever). In those early days, we were young and living in the city...I would drop Enzo off for "doggie daycare" every single day on my way to work. Yes, he was very spoiled. I also joined a meetup group of Italian Greyhound owners and we went to several meetups at swanky little dog friendly cafes across Dallas. Those were such fun days; utterly and completely different from our lifestyle now as suburban parents. I look back on those days and get a little melancholy...I would certainly not trade my life now, but it is fun to think back to the time when having Enzo was as much responsibility as we could muster. :-) Enzo has not been to doggie day camp since I left work and we have not been to a meetup in ages. There was an event scheduled in Denton yesterday, so we jumped at the chance to take Enzo for some fun with other Italian's. There is nothing cuter than a pack of Enzo's running around all over the place! Colin had a blast chasing everyone and Enzo was a little nervous, but seemed to have a good time seeing his peers. Times have certainly changed, but Enzo is still my baby and still sleeps under the covers with us every night. He may not have his own day care anymore, but he is very well loved!

Here is Enzo, hiding behind Colin and Daddy. You know Enzo is nervous when he chooses to huddle close to Colin. :-) I love how he is peering between them!

Colin LOVED chasing all the Iggies! Please note how small those two black ones are...Enzo is on the big side of the breed anyway, but with all the extra grilled cheese sandwiches these days...he was HUGE in comparison!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you posted this because otherwise I would have never known that you DROPPED YOUR DOG OFF AT DOGGIE DAYCARE EVERY DAY!!!! That is GREAT. How funny to see a park full of Enzos!!

PBMelibelle said...

That first pic is greatness!!! Seriously love it!!! I agree with Dana so glad to know u where a crazy dog owner! ;) was this when yall lived in ur fancy downtown apt?!?!

Chalna said...

HA!!! I was a crazy dog owner for sure! It was indeed when we lived in our fancy apartment downtown, there was a place called City Vet that was on my way to work and the doggie daycare was only $9 a day for little dogs. We were gone literally all day long, so it helped a LOT to keep from having the poor little puppy stranded in our apartment for 12 hours a day. We would take turns picking him up after work, just like a baby. LOL!!

Chalna said...

OH, they also had a webcam, so I was able to keep an eye on him at work. HAHAHAHA!!!

Alieson said...

Yes...they were definitely crazy dog owners! Lol!!

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