Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Birthday Extravaganza!

Colin's birthday weekend was absolutely wonderful! We had the best time celebrating with our family! The party was Sunday afternoon and everything went perfectly. My parents, Jer's parents, my sisters, Uncle Cory, Jackson and Pryce were all here. I made spicy pasta salad with smoked Gouda, watermelon salad, white queso and we grilled burgers, hot dogs and chicken. Colin's cake turned out adorable and he LOVED IT, which is pretty impressive considering it only cost me $20. I am known for blowing my budget on over the top cakes, so I was pretty proud of myself over this one. His stack of presents was enormous and he has more to come tomorrow from us. We might be spoiling him a bit for this 4th birthday. :-)

The cake! It was exactly what Colin wanted!

Lots of birthday presents!

Eating lunch with YaYa (otherwise known as my sister, Alieson)

How precious is this boy?!

Jackson and Colin were so cute together...they really have turned into best friends. They always have the best time and it gives me so much peace to know that no matter what happens, Colin will have his cousins. I know that Jackson will be just like a big brother to him for the rest of his life!

My sisters and the most beautiful Miss Pryce Lucille. She is literally too much to handle. She is all squishy goodness and I want to eat her up every time I lay eyes on her.

Cake time!

All the girls...Meredith, me, my mama and Alieson. Mert, do I get points for writing "Meredith"? It felt strange. ;-)

After lunch, we headed over to the Trophy Club pool for a little swimming fun. The boys were so cute!

Later that night, Colin opened his puppet theater and puppets courtesy of Mimi and Duke. He has been asking for this for ages and he was over the moon about it. He loves putting on shows!

Have you ever seen a happier face?! I love that he wanted puppets...that is just so Colin. :-)

I also must note that Colin got under the table again this year when we sang Happy Birthday to him. Some things never change. :-) Right now, he is at school. This is his last week of summer program, so I used to opportunity today to go pick up his big present for tomorrow...a BIKE! I got all the accessories to go with it and I can't wait to see his face!


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