Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Newest Member

Colin got a new kitty named Evi this year and "Evi-the-cat" (as I like to call her) or "Evingston" (as Jer likes to call her) is Colin Shaffer's best buddy. They love each other. A LOT. The love affair has gotten to the point that Evi stands at his door and meows at all hours of the night if we leave it closed.  I used to come out of Colin's room and close the door after our bedtime routine.  That does not exactly work anymore.  Evi likes to come to the kitchen and get dinner with Ferris Mewler, but soon after her meal, she is standing in the hall yelling to be let into Colin's room.  She gets let in and out basically all night long.  :-)  I took these shots right before bed...Colin was singing Christmas carols to her!  She is the sweetest and most loving kitty in the whole world and she lets Colin hold her and tug on her and even carry her around, despite the fact that her back paws drag the floor.  She sits in my lap every single time I sit down at the computer and loves to lay on her back to get her tummy scratched.  She prefers to drink water out of the running sink and sleeps during every moment that she is not eating or being scratched behind her ears.  We bought her a contraption called "The Furminator" and she loooooves to get brushed with it.  You would not believe the amount of fur that we pull off this cat!  She also LOVES my dad for some reason and will spend literally every moment that he is here in his lap being loved on.  Anyway, she is an absolute joy and is the perfect new addition to our family.  We are so thankful that 2011 brought us her little white tipped paws!  It makes it even more special that we adopted her from our best friends...she really does have quite the extended family!
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