Thursday, December 15, 2011

Colin's Class Christmas Party!

Somehow, another year has passed and I was able to attend my SECOND annual preschool Christmas extravaganza today.  I really honestly don't know how it happened.  Five minutes ago, Colin was in Miss Gina's class.  And now here we are.  Where does the time go?!?  I wonder how many more times I will say that over the next 50 years?  Probably at least twice.   Being a mother really turns you into a cliche.  :-)

Due to the fact that I am completely insane slightly addicted to cooking, I decided to make Colin's teacher gifts this year.  We spent literally all day Wednesday baking.  I LOVED IT.  This is honestly one of the very tip top reasons that I love this season.  I love to make people happy.  Seriously, I know that sounds over the top cheesy, but I get my kicks from surprising people with something that makes them super deliriously happy.  I made a huge batch of chocolate chip/pecan/toffee cookies and my homemade-from-scratch-awesome-carb-filled-heaven-scented cinnamon rolls.  I see those cinnamon rolls in my dreams.  And this is the time of year that I make batch after batch and pray that I can still wear my pants in January.  Which I never can.  But that is another post.  Anyway...
I made a pan of the rolls for Miss Courtney and Miss Blake and Colin was very quick to inform me that he HAD to bring presents to Miss Gina and Miss Heather from last year.  SO, we arrived at school this morning with wrapped baked goods up to our eyeballs.  Colin has gotten into dictating very detailed notes to me whenever he gives gifts and the cards did not disappoint!  He comes up with cutest things to say and I am 99% sure that he asked Miss Blake on a date in her card.  He asked her to "come have dinner at my house and see my beautiful Christmas tree".  Yeah....that sounds way too much like a date for my liking.  Their class party was a Grinch themed pajama party and the teachers were dressed so cute!  Colin was a big fan of the "Grinchy Green Juice".  Super precious! 
Pizza at school is still the coolest party ever
Green and red food = AWESOME
Laughing with his friends at lunch
Musical chairs at a 4 year old party is ADORABLE
Miss Courtney stopping the music!  LOVE Colin's face here!
Colin (far right) and his whole class opening their book exchange presents
The cinnamon rolls.  JOY in swirled dough form.
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