Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Colin is getting better!

As I predicted, last night was not good. The poor little guy slept until 11:00pm before he woke up. I changed him, fed him, rocked him, and put him back to sleep. We woke at 2:00am and it took about an hour to get him to go back to bed. After that, he woke up fleetingly a couple more times and then woke up for the day at about 6:00am. It was a long night, but at least he got lots of sleep in the long run. He was awake for about 2 hours and then he took a two hour nap! After that, he finally seemed better. We went to the pedi just to make sure that he did not have an infection, and everything looked clear. Thank goodness! I have noticed that Colin can be too sick for words and as soon as we get into the doctor's office, he is a new man. It just cracks me up. He was literally laughing at the doctor and grabbing his stethoscope the whole time. I looked like and idiot, but oh well. ;-)

I joined a local meet up group today of moms with babies born in 2007. They meet fairly close to where I live and I am excited to make some new friends for Colin and I. That will be something new for me! I want to get Colin out and about when I can and this should be an affordable way to do that. I found out after I joined that one of my friends from work is also a member! She quit work before I did and her little girl was born the same week Colin was. I am excited to see her!


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