Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hanging out in the old hometown!

On a whim this morning, Jeremy and I decided to head to my parents house for a quick overnight stay. My parents were supposed to be coming to stay with us this weekend and my dad ended up having to work. We woke up this morning and decided getting out would do us some good, so off we headed to my parents. I had the brilliant idea of leaving right as Colin was ready for his morning nap. I figured he would sleep the whole way as usual and be ready to play when we got there. What I did not think about was the fact that Colin has the new big car seat now. So like idiots, we head out on the road. The new seat is MUCH bigger and sits up much more than the infant seat. Colin literally refused to sleep. He was so tired and so upset, but he could not figure out how to sleep in the new chair. It was HORRIBLE. It took us almost 4 hours to get there because we kept having to pull over. He passed out about 15 minutes from my parents house. Which was also bad because now he was really thrown off his pattern. Once we got there, he would not nap there either and was flipping out. He finally went down at 5:30pm for the whole night, I assume. This means that I will have one of those nights with him...but I hope not. I am hoping that he will just sleep the whole night after such a hard day. I felt so sorry for him...the poor little angel. Now I am not sure what to do about the seat...he technically has another two pounds before he can't use the old seat anymore. I feel like I should go back to the old one, but I know that will only the delay the problem. I am wondering if anyone out there had the same issue when they changed car seats? Will he grow to be able to sleep in the new one? I don't know, but I am NOT looking forward to the drive home!

My wonderful parents stayed home with Colin so that Jer and I could have dinner just the two of us...only the 2nd time since Colin was born that we have had dinner alone. We ate at El Charro' of my all time favorite places to eat from growing up. It felt really strange to be out without Colin...we were looking at each other like, "Uh....what now??". ;-) It was really really nice!!


Anonymous said...

Since he is still facing backwards until his first birthday and he hits 20 lbs, try rolling up an old towel and putting it under his new chair so he can recline a little bit. That's what we had to do with Carson because he wasn't used to sitting so straight up. It did the trick.

Now that he is facing forwards and used to sitting straight up, he has no trouble sleeping in the car. In fact, he likes all of the extra room to spread out.

Kate is still in the infant seat (but it's a very tight fit now), and still facing backwards because she isn't 20 lbs yet. I have a feeling she isn't going to like the change. She enjoying talking to herself too much in the big mirror.

I'm so jealous that you are in T-town tonight. It's funny how I spent most of my life trying to escape that place, but now that I am all grown up I miss it sometimes. Uh, and especially jealous that you got a childless night out! :)

Melibelle said...

hehehe ur funny! :)

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