Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Retiring of an Infant Seat

Well, today was the day. We finally bit the bullet and purchased Colin's new convertible car seat. He was just too big for his infant seat...his feet were hanging off the end and he was mushed in rather uncomfortably. The picture above was his very first trip in that seat on the way home from the hospital. And today it is retired. I take him everywhere in that seat and it was just getting too heavy to carry with him in it. He also gets stir crazy really fast now and no longer likes to be strapped in for long. we went to Target to get the new seat. It is so big and comfy...I wish I could sit in it! ;-) Looking at his little infant seat in comparison just breaks my is yet another milestone that we are breezing through. When we bought the infant travel system, I just could not picture the time that Colin would outgrow it and here we are! We put him in the new seat to adjust the straps and he looked adorable in it...I think he is really going to enjoy his "new ride".

In other firsts today, Colin sat up in the cart at Target!! This is the first time that I gave it a shot...I have been wary of sitting up in the cart because I thought he was still too little and I always carry him in his infant seat. Since that is no more, I tried out the cart ride today. He LOVED it!! It was so cute! I feel silly for doubting it now...he had such a good time checking things out. I am still slightly worried because during my long Monday grocery store trips, he goes to sleep in that seat and is out for most of the trip. Wal-Mart is like a sleeping pill to my son. HA! I am nervous that when he realizes that he can't lay back and go to sleep like he is used to, that he will be screaming. He has not stayed awake for a really long outing before, so we shall see. He will probably be fine since there will be so much stuff to look at instead of napping.

I should also mention that I am confounded by how much my son loves the attention of strangers. It is hysterical...all of my baby books say that Colin should have started his stranger anxiety by now. I am sure it will hit him at some point in the future, but for now, the boy loves to flirt! He is so funny...he grins and shows both dimples to everyone that comes up to see him. We went out for Chinese food tonight and he had every single waitress in the place crowded around him just fawning over him. He was grinning from ear to ear. He is just so adorable!! :-)


Melibelle said...

a thought came to me as I was reading about the flirting... that trait may be God's little joke for your parents as payback! Just a thought!

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