Friday, June 27, 2008

My Husband, The Comedian

So, per our usual "It's Friday, let's eat food that I did not cook" way, we went out to our little Mexican joint for dinner. For the first time, I actually ordered Colin his own little plate of kiddie quesadillas. Our sweet waiter, who knows us well, even brought it out way ahead of the grown-up food so that Colin would not get restless. I love that place! Colin really liked it and only threw about half of it on the floor. He also ate a whole plate of guacamole. I should really start ordering his own plate of that too, as Jer and I no longer seem to get any of it. Anyhoo...after dinner I was itching for a treat and I convinced (read: whined) Jer into taking us to Marble Slab for an overpriced ice cream. A little back one and only craving while pregnant was Sweet Cream with chocolate sprinkles in a waffle cup from Marble Slab. Only that one flavor with that one topping in that one cup. It was insane. I would have seriously injured someone to get one. I don't even want to know how much money I spent all total on those damn things. So back to the story...I had not been back there since Colin was born and decided that I needed one pronto tonight. We went in and ordered and attempted to sit with Colin in the store to eat, but he was not in the mood to sit in a chair and quickly tried to start walking on their really dirty floors. Since the little man was barefoot (I really need to buy some shoes that he will keep on his feet) we decided to take it to the car. Which is where the fun really begins. It is almost 100 degrees here today and the wind was blowing heat like a hair dryer in our faces. Jer had ordered a mint ice cream with chocolate chips. Their mint ice cream is neon green. Jer is holding both ice cream cups and I am holding Colin. As I am strapping Colin in his car seat, I hear Jer begin swearing loudly. By the time I get myself into the front seat beside him, he has neon green ice cream all over his hands, and better still, his lap. I grab some wipes (the best part about being a parent is always having wipes on hand!) and hand them to Jer. Now, I will admit that I was laughing. Loudly. Vigorously. I mean, face it, a grown man covered in neon green ice cream is pretty damn hilarious. So what does my sweet husband do? He leans over and pours melted neon green ice cream in my lap. Over my lap and onto the seat. Now I, too, am covered in neon green ice cream. He, of course, is rolling. And alright, I am laughing too. We are both crying with laughter and I am busy telling him that I cannot believe that he did that and that he is in big BIG trouble. What a freak. I am sure that my son was in the back seat thinking, "Are these really my parents??" Happy Friday, everyone!! ;-)


Melibelle said...

OMG funny! I think Colin was thing WTF... I thought they were suppose to be the adults!!!

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