Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Wiggles Play Center!

We took Colin to The Wiggles Play Center in Frisco yesterday for the first time! I discovered it a long time ago and knew Colin would love it since he absolutely adores The Wiggles. It is almost an hour from our house, so we had yet to make the trip. We packed up yesterday and headed over and Colin had the best time. It is much smaller than Going Bonkers, but that was actually much better for his age. This place was very bright, full of Wiggles movies playing on screens, and had the best slides ever. Colin was a little overwhelmed at first, so we spent the first few minutes in the little toddler room for kids under 18 months. It was separate from the play land area, so that helped Colin check things out in a quieter environment first. Once he ventured out to the big area, he was in heaven. He LOVED IT! He spent over an hour going through all the mazes, climbing through tubes and going down slides. It was awesome. It was also a LOT quieter than Going Bonkers, so I did not feel like I wanted to pull my eyes out of their sockets, which was really nice. :-) I wish there was an indoor place like this closer to would be so amazing to spend time there during the winter months. It was a great time! Shannon....Carson will love it! Oh, and Dana...I am pretty sure it was right around the corner from you. I did not even think about it till we were on the way home...we should meet Gabby there sometime, too!


Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Yes, we have driven by there several times (we are about 15 minutes away) and I have wondered if it was a fun place. We would most definitely love to go sometime!

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