Friday, December 19, 2008

17 Months Old...A Little Update

Today was a good day...I finally got to see Dr. Smith and I am so glad to be on the road to recovery. My back is sore from the physical therapy, but I am feeling better! It was 75 degrees this afternoon, so I took the opportunity to take Colin to the park and he enjoyed getting to run around outside after a pretty cold week. This weekend is going to be very busy since we leave for my parents house on Tuesday. I have to get everything for Christmas done and I am still behind. I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away...this season seemed to go faster than ever!!

Colin will be 17 months old tomorrow and he is growing up so fast. This week he blew me away with his latest development. He took an extra long nap on Monday and when he woke up, I asked him (like I always do), "Did you have a good nap?". This time he looked at me and said, "I did!". I could not believe it. I said, "YOU DID??" and he said it again..."I Did!". I thought it must be a fluke, but he has been saying it all week!! Today when I got home from the doctor, I asked if he had fun with his Aunt Alie. He grinned from ear to ear and announced, "I DID!". It just kills me....I have not taught him that phrase at all and he just came out with it on his own.

He is turning into the most thoughtful and sweet little boy. When I give him his juice, he then lines up his stuffed animals and gives them "drinks". He started this just a couple of weeks ago and I actually teared up the first time I saw him doing it. He was so gentle and sweet offering his juice to each little animal. I can't express how adorable it is. He is all boy...he loves to climb and jump and get into everything and he has a lovable little personality that is all smiles. He still eats absolutely anything I give him...some days he eats lighter than others, but he always tries everything I put on his tray. His absolute favorite food is still guacamole. This cannot be understated...he adores it. Tonight we had dinner at our little Mexican place and he ate an entire large guacamole on flour tortillas. That's my boy!! :-)


The Murrays said...

"I did!" Oh my heavens...he is too sweet for words! That just put the biggest grin on my face. I LOVE little boys!
The other day Schafer jabbered a very long and unintelligible sentence and I gamely said to him after he finished, "Really?" and he looked at me (with a "duh mom" expression) and said, "Ummmmm...YES." I think this talking stage is going to be a blast.

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