Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breakfast and Fun!

We went to breakfast this morning with Jer's parents at one of my favorite places...a dive of a cafe in Denton that serves the best breakfast food! I had a blueberry pancake that was the size of a long oval dinner plate that was chock full of fresh berries. Colin had some potatoes, eggs, texas cinnamon toast (which he adored) and some of my pancake. It was a big hit for everyone involved. I love breakfast food, so this brought me a lot of joy in particular. :-) We went back to their house afterwards and opened our presents from them early, since we are going to my parents house for Christmas. It was a great morning....Colin discovered the stairs and spent a good deal of time going up and down them. He even started trying to walk up without using his hands and he got pretty good at it! We were all very impressed at what a big boy he was. It really seems like he conquers something new every day.

Also, I finally found slippers last week for Colin...they are bear slippers from Gap and he picked them out himself. They had a bin of bear, race car, and dinosaur shoes and he clearly leaned into the bear bin to grab them. They are soft with a sturdy rubber non-skid sole, so they are perfect and they fit (although they are a little big at the moment). Before dinner, Jer changed his diaper and slipped on the shoes without his pants. I thought he looked so adorable that I made him stand for a picture, and got the shot below. He was furious with me for stopping dinner to take this shot, but it turned out too cute for words. Jer pointed out that this will make a great picture to show his girlfriend one day. hehe!!! :-)


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