Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Aching Back

Well, my back problem is rearing it's ugly head at the moment and I am none too pleased. Yesterday morning, I noticed the exact same strange pain in the dead center of my back. This was the same pain that I felt about 24 hours before ending up in the damn ambulance, so needless to say, I flipped out. There is no way that I am going through that again. I called the back guy that helped me last winter and called in my sister to drive out here and babysit. I showed up at the appointment only to find out that 1) the stupid receptionist is still incredibly rude and a gigantic idiot and 2) I had to get a new referral from our family doctor to make sure my insurance would cover it. That seemed odd since we have PPO on purpose to avoid referral messes, but I digress. I had to LEAVE and make an appointment for today with Dr. Green. Jer stayed home from work to make sure that I did not pick Colin up and have to call 911 again and allow me a chance to go to the doctor. It took literally all doctor was running over an hour and a half late and then it took CVS almost an hour to fill the scripts. Luckily the visit paid off...I now have pain pills and and a series of steroids that should keep me from locking up before I can visit the back doctor again on Friday. I have not been doing any of the exercises that I am supposed to be doing for my back...I know that Dr. Smith will have something to say about that when I see him. I hope he can work his miracle again because lord knows I don't want to deal with this over Christmas!!! I have stuff to do!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I hope it gets better and FAST! I had a little back issue last week...not sure if it was a spasm or a pinched nerve or what, but it really made me realize how incapacitating it can be to have back pain. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Melibelle said...

:(:(:(:( I'm so sorry. I know what back pains are like... I had a pinched nerve in my back once that had me out for a week!!!! so hope you get relief Friday. Prayers for you till then!

The Murrays said...

That's terrible! I hope you feel better SOON!!!

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