Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chuck E Cheese!

We decided to treat Colin to lunch at Chuck E. Cheese today and he had a great time. He had more fun with the cup of coins than anything else, but that is okay! :-) We were mainly trying to wear him out...he woke up last night at 2am and I was up with him until 5:30am. NOT GOOD. Hopefully he will sleep well tonight!
We are now up to date with Dexter and I am very sad about it. Now I have to wait for Showtime to release season 3. I told Jer that we are not starting any new series dvd's unless the whole show is OVER so that I can finish the WHOLE THING. I have zero patience and having no idea when I will be able to find out what's next is driving me crazy. Yes, I am a little nutty. :-)


Melibelle said...

cute new header!!! i likey!

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