Monday, February 9, 2009

My Little Soccer Hooligan and Idiot Designers

I had little choice but to post this picture of is hard to resist a toddler dressed up like David Beckham. :-) Jer brought home an entire uniform for the Liverpool Football Club and I am pretty sure that Colin is the only kid in the area rocking his European Football gear. He even has the knee socks!

Jer is at home today and Colin has taken TWO NAPS on the couch snuggled up next to him. This is quite the spoiling for the little man and I am sure he will protest when Mama makes him sleep in his actual crib tomorrow. I took this adorable picture just moments ago...I am now hiding in the office to avoid waking him up while Jer watches the news on silent while reading the ticker and reading lips. The things we do for baby love.

In other news, I had a doctors appointment today for a prescription refill that I made since I knew Jer would be home. I almost forgot about the appointment and ended up running out the door 10 minutes before I was supposed to be there. While I am waiting, I realize that I have ketchup from Colin's lunch smeared over my t-shirt. Attractive. I spent a good ten minutes looking at the stain and letting my mind race over the fact that I am now that woman. You know her...old clothes, nails a mess, eyebrows in need of waxing, no make-up, hair in ponytail with a clip holding her too-long bangs out of her eyes, ketchup stained t-shirt...yeah...that lady. While berating myself internally for not realizing that I smell like a bottle of Heinz, I am flipping through the pages of "Southern Accents". I stumble upon a feature about a designer and her newly decorated home. The pictures are stunning...full of all the stuff you imagine you would have if you could just figure out how to change your shirt before going out in public. Anyway, there is a picture of her and her two perfect children, son Whit and daughter Wansley. Not even kidding on those names. Yeah. SO, there is a huge quote highlighted on one of the pages about her main design priority being...wait for it...kid and pet friendly. I kid you not. You should have seen this place...all covered in creams and antiques and vases and glass and well, cream! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! I am telling you, those children live in a hut in the backyard that is covered in crayon, juicy juice, puzzle pieces, glue and dog bones. My doctor picked this moment to walk into the room. He asked quickly if I was okay and my response was, "Yes, but don't look at the ketchup on my shirt." :-)

Kid friendly my ass.


Anonymous said...

Your designer rant is hilarious. Maybe everything is bolted down and scotchguarded!

Sweetest picture EVER of Colin and Jeremy. I bet he is so excited to have his daddy home!

And I love that you called him a soccer hooligan :)

Melibelle said...

LOL!!!!!! I don't even have little ones and I in fact wore my hair with a clip on my little bangs to work today!!!

The Murrays said...

i think that designer just borrowed whit and wansley for the day. "kid friendly my ass." LoL!!!

kimmyjo221 said...

The picture could only be cuter if he was wearing an Arsenal jersey :) Hayden has one of those - we'll have to get them together for a friendly match!

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