Monday, June 22, 2009

Gabby and Dana!

Dana and Gabby came over to our neck of the woods this morning for a pool/lunch play date and we had the best time! Colin seemed to really enjoy Gabby and did not even throw anything at her, which is probably the best news of the day. ;-) They swam around like little fish and Colin taught Gabby how to jump off the side of the pool to her Mama. Gabby was very careful about the whole thing and Colin was literally throwing himself off the side of the pool with no regard to personal safety, as usual. The difference between girls and boys is so adorable! Colin also can't seem to comprehend that pools have deep ends and that he can't swim. Captain Daredevil is his new name. Colin immediately began calling Gabby by name (Ga-Ga) and pointing her out to me when she was across the pool. They were so cute! We all came back over to our house for a quick lunch, although I think Gabby and Colin ate maybe two bites each. They were far too excited with each other to waste time eating. They both got up and down from their stools about 10 times. Colin turned into a bit of a fuss pot before they left and sure enough, he passed right out when I laid him in his bed. He was worn out from all the good fun!

The bad news is that I somehow only managed to take two pictures the entire time! I was so busy trying to make sure that Colin did not plunge to his demise in the pool that I did not have time for my usual extreme picture taking. On top of that, once again the cord for the camera is missing in the toddler black hole. I will post my single picture when (or if) I even find it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for having us...we had a blast! We will do it again soon!

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