Monday, July 27, 2009

How do I get so dang behind?!?

I am not pleased with myself for the solid week between posts. I have really been slacking on writing here lately and I need to stop it! The week of Colin's birthday was very busy and it looks like things are going to remain that way for a bit. Last Friday, our friend Kayrene threw a big 2nd birthday bash for her son Ryan, whose birthday is just two days past Colin's. It was a great party (her backyard slide actually arrived as planned!) and literally PACKED full of kids. I have honestly never seen so many children in one place. Most of her friends have new babies in addition to their toddlers, so there were as many infants as two year olds in attendance. Colin was in absolute heaven with all the babies around, since they are easily his favorite thing in the whole wide world. The party was also a little on the sad side for us because our very good friend Laura and her little ones, Scarlett and Greyson, left for Ohio afterwards. We have become close and I am so sorry to see her move so far away! The hardest part for me was actually Colin. Greyson is the baby that I have blogged about before...Colin loves that child. For whatever cosmic reason, Colin formed a serious attachment to that baby! During the party, 8 month old Greyson was sitting in the middle of the floor and Colin was glued to his side. He was stroking his hair, patting his arms and hugging him for most of the party. One mom asked me if they were brothers! It was so sweet and therefore kind of heartbreaking. Even though he is a mere two years old, I know Colin is going to greatly miss that little boy!

This past weekend was very special because our long time best friend Chris came to town for a few days. We call him "Chrissy" (yes, it drives him nuts) and Colin immediately started calling him "Chrisky". It was probably one of the more adorable things you have ever heard! He ran around the house for the better part of the weekend yelling "CHRISKY!" at the top of his lungs. Chris got a crash course in living with a two year old and fared VERY well. Colin had basically attached himself to Chris within an hour of his arrival. We took him to Babe's (a requirement whenever he is here!) and for dinner and breakfast at our little dive Mexican place that we love. It was so good to see him and hang out.

This week is already lined up to be a busy one! We had a play date with Dana and Gabby this morning that included play at Paradise Pond and lunch afterwards at Jason's. The kiddos pretty much turned the restaurant into a sea of watermelon juice and melted ice cream. It was great fun! We will get more fun time with them next week at Dana's big "So You Think You Can Dance" finale party, which I am so excited about! Colin has his two year old appointment this week, as well as play time scheduled on Thursday with Melanie and Hunter. Saturday is our good buddy Hayden's second birthday party and Colin is already excited for another excuse to sing Happy Birthday, which is his favorite song ever now. We can't wait!

I know there is a ton more to report, but it is LATE! I should also note that I have a tentative idea for a novel...maybe I will actually get started on that one of these days! At least I have an idea, which is me! :-)


PBMelibelle said...

ahhhhh babe's! Sounds so yummy to a person on a diet!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto the Babe's comment!

I laughed about the sea of watermelon juice and melted ice cream...I might have to throw out Gabby's tank top!! hehe.

Sorry about your friend moving! I hate it when people leave.

YEA, so excited for next Thursday! It is going to be such fun. Especially for me, who normally has to watch either all alone, or with Dave making sarcastic comments in the background.

It is just TOO TOO bad that we don't live closer...I have a feeling that if we did, we would hang out nonstop! Had fun with you two yesterday!!

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