Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Morning with Hunter

Today was our play date with Melanie and Hunter and we had a GREAT time! The above picture was worth the whole outing. :-) Hunter picked the entire ensemble out herself. She also kept that purse with her for the remainder of the morning. It was hysterical. That girl can play some serious dress-up! We all had lunch afterwards and Hunter brought Colin a late birthday present. This little boy has really milked his second birthday for all it is worth, let me tell ya! :-) Hunter is the funniest little in point:

This picture is Colin eating Hunter's fruit.

Here is the look on Hunter's face while Colin is eating said fruit:

Could you die?!?! I LOVE HER! (also, please ignore the 5 lbs of onion rings that Mel and I were eating. Just look away....nothing to see here...)


Anonymous said...

Something tells me Gabby and Hunter might get along :)

And I was totally drooling over those onion'll get no judgment from me!

PBMelibelle said...

Yea I was noticing all the fried food I saw...

The Murrays said...

Okay. I'll admit it. I drooled over the onion rings, too.

Love that look Hunter is giving COlin!!!! LoL.

Jeremy said...

Wow, where did you guys eat? Looks delicious and unhealthy!

Melanie said...

Those weren't my onion rings. I had a healthy salad with no dressing!!! Please send those pictures to my email. I need to print some.

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