Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Official Two Year Stats!

Colin's two year well baby check was today! Here are the stats:

29.5 lbs (50-75th percentile)
35.5 inches long (75-90th percentile)

His giant noggin is still in the 95th percentile just as it has been since the day he was born. :-) We had to see a different doctor in the practice for this visit, which I was not exactly happy about. Dr. Fricker has always done the well visits and I don't like change. However, we have seen the other doctor before and she is incredibly sweet, so it turned out just fine. She was impressed with his speech and noted that she understood most everything he said, which is awesome at his age. He did very good despite the visit taking forever because of a switch to some new software (I swear that I only show up at that office when things are falling apart!) and got two lollipops on the way out as a reward. We got up to date on his shots at his last visit, so no pokes today at all! That was good news all the way around. She informed me as we were leaving that he does not have another well visit until he is THREE! In a YEAR. It made me feel kind of like we graduated today...almost as if it was the final exam and babyhood is officially over. Sniff sniff!

In other news, Jer left today on a giant trip that includes stops in New York, Canada, Switzerland and Russia. I really should have been a pilot. Don't worry about me...I will just be here watching Noggin. haha! Honestly, we do already miss him a ton, but we are sure looking forward to seeing some cool pictures and getting good presents when he gets home. :-)


PBMelibelle said...

Dude! Maybe I should look into the whole pilot thing!!

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