Friday, August 1, 2008

Chicken Pox = Boring Weekend

Well, after talking to the nurse at the pedi's office, I am sure that Colin has the chicken pox and I am also sure that we cannot attend the first birthday party of our friend Hayden tomorrow. Although Colin has a light case, he is still contagious to those who have not had the chicken pox or the vaccine. There will be lots of little ones at the party tomorrow, so Colin can't go. Not to mention the fact that our standard afternoon playtime at the pools is also out, since I can't risk Colin spreading it around the kiddos. So it looks like Colin and I are going to have a lovely weekend of itching and watching cartoons. **sigh**


Melibelle said...

poor thing... but I like the new header!! Look at you gettin' all fancy!

Anonymous said...

That stinks!!

Enjoy the Wiggles!! I bought Hunter a Wiggles DVD the other day but we haven't watched it yet. Yea me!!

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