Friday, August 1, 2008


I meant to do this last night, but got sidetracked by the stupid chicken pox. Thanks to WONDERFUL and AMAZING DANA, I now have the skills to put awesome headers on my blog!! I seriously never thought for two seconds that I would be able to do this and thanks to her, I can!! So now Dana has helped me get Colin to sleep through the night and to decorate my blog! YEA DANA! She is also working on her own blog that will be up and running soon, so I will be advertising that for her as soon as she gives me the green light! No pressure or anything. ;-)

Oh, and April...I am going to send you the same instructions that Dana sent me. You will not believe how easy it is!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome shout out :)

Blog should be ready to go within a few days. NO PRESSURE, hehe

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