Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Lovely Sunday

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. Hurricane Ike made it out of Texas last night and today dawned crystal clear and much cooler. The high today was only 85 and the rest of the week is supposed to be even nicer! We are going to have lows in the 50's this week, which sounds just wonderful. It is always around this time each year that I really start to long for some cooler weather after months of hundred degree heat. It feels great to know that we are looking at park weather again. I took the pictures today when we took Colin to the park in our neighborhood. It has a playground and then a huge open expanse of soccer field and small baseball diamond. I know that Colin will be spending a lot of his time playing here in the years to come. My thought process was that Colin would enjoy getting to run around the big field unencumbered and have a blast. Instead, he stood rooted to the ground in what can best be described as awe. I could not get him to take a single step. There were two teenage boys, probably around 14, throwing a football back and forth and Colin could not take his eyes off of them. In the shot below, I turned my camera angle so that I could catch one of the boys in the background. As you can see, Colin was just blown away.

The other shots do a good job of showing what a beautiful day it really was, especially when you click on them and see them in full size. Last year at this time, I had a tiny little two month old peanut. That first fall together was so special because everything was Colin's "first" and I was a new mama. This fall holds a much different kind of excitement for Colin can play and experience and understand. My mind keeps running away from me with all the things I want to do with him this year. Every single day is like Christmas with my sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

I love how mesmerized he is by the big kids. Gabby gets like that too. I am SO excited for the great weather this week and I am just sad I have to work!

Shannon said...

Kate was the same way at the park in San Antonio. She would hardly walk around.

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