Friday, October 3, 2008


I have used several different kinds of diapers since Colin was born...everything from Pampers to Huggies to Luvs. I have had my favorites that work the best for Colin (Pampers Cruisers seem to be the most comfortable and best protection) as well as the more economical (Luvs is a savings and works just fine!). I usually just buy the box that I have the best coupon for. A few days ago, we all went to Sam's and as I was picking up a box of Pampers, I spied their store brand of diapers. They were for sale for 176 diapers for $32. I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy them...the savings is just fantastic and I decided that there was no need to be a diaper snob. I learned today that I was TOTALLY wrong and being a diaper snob is completely justified. These diapers are WORTHLESS. I just started the pack and the elastic is a joke, there is no elastic at the tabs, and they feel cheap. All of that is the good news. This afternoon, Colin had poop come out both legs all over him, his clothes and me. This is after two weeks of horrible diarrhea with no accidents at all to one small regular poop oozing out the sides. You have got to be kidding me. We have never had an accident like that in 14 months and two days of the cheap diapers and I have poop all over me. LOVELY. I now have a ton of diapers that I can't use. Lord knows that I am not risking it again. These stupid things have just been relegated to my "in case of emergency" pile. I figured that I would post this for the good of my friends who might be considering trying them. DON'T! UGH!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! You know, I bet Sam's will let you return the rest of the diapers. We have been on a diaper decline over here in efforts to save money...went from Pampers to Huggies in the mega box, to Luvs, and finally to White Cloud. No major complaints with the White Cloud other than lack of stretch, but we may upgrade back to Luvs next time.

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