Sunday, September 28, 2008


Now that Colin is such a big guy, he no longer enjoys merely sitting on his cute "shapes" flooring that I laid down last winter. Lately he has been pulling all the shapes out and thus creating plenty of places to trip and fall. We decided to retire it as flooring and make it into big cubes. Jer made a cute fort out of it (while informing me that boys love forts) and Colin has been playing with them ever since. Those cut-outs are all over my already toy filled little house and I am pretty sure they are going to drive me crazy, but Colin loves them. I think I need a new house for Colin's stuff alone.

I have also been meaning to make a note of how fat my silly dog is now. Jer took him to the vet for his shots and he has gained 3 pounds!! He went from 16 to 19 pounds since Colin started eating finger food that he drops to Enzo. NICE. :-)


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