Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Picnic on the Square

We have had quite a day today! Colin woke up for the day at 3:45 am. Yes, you heard me correctly. I tried desperately to get him back down...everything from bottles to rocking to getting in bed with me (which, for the record, he is never willing to do!) He finally went back down for a nap at 8:00am, so we were off for the whole day. I decided that we needed to get out and about after such a mess of a morning, so we headed out for another picnic. Colin really seems to enjoy the outdoors now that the weather is nicer and he just adores getting to run around new places. We get such a kick out of spending our afternoons this way and it is such an economical way to have a good time. I just pack a lunch for us and we hit the road. He loves to run around and he gets all the pent up energy out from just hanging out in our living room. I have decided that this will be my little tradition with Colin...picnics together just the two of us. I think it will be fun to make a memory out of these days together and make the picnics our tradition that can stay with us long after he is in school and I am working. We both felt very refreshed afterwards and Colin took a nice nap when we got home, which helped me a great deal. Who knows where we will end up tomorrow! The pictures were taken today, including the silly one of me holding the camera out. I never get pictures with my little man! So take it for what it's worth! ;-)


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