Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday at the Pool!

Saturday means that Jer is home, so the whole family headed out to the pool this afternoon! Well, the whole family minus the two idiot animals that live here. They were not invited. ;-)

Colin had a great time as usual...he is such a little fish! As you can see, he loves standing under that downpour of water, which just cracks me up. We took him in the deeper part also and he kicks his little legs just like he is swimming! He loves the water so much. Once an hour the lifeguards make everyone get out of the pool for a 10 minute break and Colin was just hanging out on his lounge chair, eating Cheerios and drinking water. I think he is going to be a beach fan just like his Mama! The pictures speak for themselves....I took the last shot so that everyone could see a little bit of the pool that I keep talking about. It is just a great time!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Colin Goes For a Ride

I just had to post this...several months ago my parents brought this toy over for Colin to play with one day. I could not imagine him being big enough to play with it at the time. Last night he rode it for literally half an hour before bed. It was so cute! He is growing up so fast! I apologize in advance for my loud voice. :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just checking in

There is not much to report today in our little world. Colin and I packed up and ventured out to the big pool on our own, just the two of us. We had a great time together. The pool was full of little ones and their moms, so it was really nice. It was more fun for Colin without the bigger kids around and we enjoyed ourselves. Spending time in the sun is also making me feel so much better as of late...I am a sunshine/beach/pool girl all the way and it is amazing what a dose of Vitamin D will do for the soul. We had dinner at our little Mexican food place and Colin is now sleeping. We were a little late getting home so we were running about 30 minutes late on our bedtime routine. That sure does make a was much harder to get Colin down and I have a feeling that half hour will make for a rough night. It is tough living on such a strict schedule, but for Colin that is the only way to help him get the sleep he needs. I am becoming "The Sleep Nazi". :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Colin, Dirty Floors, and Dog Biscuits

As you can see in the above pictures, Colin is all over the house at the moment. He won't stay in one place anymore to say the least. This brings up the problem with my horribly dirty floors. You don't realize how rather yucky your floors can be until you have a baby spending all waking hours scooting across them and putting every tidbit he finds in his mouth. UGH. The poor guy is covered in cat hair, crumbs, and carpet fibers every time I pick him up. I am trying to stay on top of these floors, but with pets...UGH again! Oh well...I keep telling myself it is helping his immune system. HA!
Because of Colin's current active lifestyle, he has a new favorite hobby. Eating DOG BONES. Yeah, like Milk Bones, good people. Enzo always hides his bones all over the house for later consumption and now Colin is the one finding them. Enzo will often crumble the bone up and leave bits hidden and Colin has eaten SEVERAL of those before I have caught it. He will shove the bit in his mouth and then I can't tell he has eaten anything until I see the telltale dog biscuit drool on his shirt. Nice, I know. I try to catch Enzo hiding the bits so I can clean them up, but obviously I keep missing some because Colin keeps finding them. I also have to be very careful because Colin will absolutely eat the dog food if I leave it within reach. And don't even get me started about the water bowl. Poor Enzo. ;-)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

We just finished up a great weekend. We had a wonderful time on Saturday and then on Sunday we got a surprise visit from my sister Meredith and my favorite nephew Jackson. He will be three on July 1st and I just can't get over how big he is. He looks like he is at least 5 years old. Colin is exactly as big as Jackson was at this age, so I think we just raise some big boys! It is hard because I want them to stay my babies!! Colin had a fun time chasing after Jackson and I think they are going to be great friends one day. The two year age difference won't seem like much when they are older and I love that they will get to grow up together. It was great to see my sister, even if she is a skinny bitch. :-) Love you, Mert!

After my sister left, we went to the pool with Ellen and her little girl Aubrey. That was so much fun! We have 6 pools in our community that we have access to and one of them is a huge water park style pool complete with a big water slide, several fun water features, a "beach" like area and a mushroom that pours a heavy waterfall that you can swim under. Jer and I have never been to that pool mainly because it is always beyond packed with kids and not exactly somewhere we would go without children. We decided to give it a try with the babies yesterday and let me tell you, we will be there often!! Colin had a BLAST! The beach area ends in the mushroom that rains the waterfall and it gives off a heavy spray of mist all around it. Colin absolutely loved it! We sat very close to it and he let the water splash all over his face. He "walked" around it over and over again with Jer or I holding his hands and the closer he got to the spray, the better! I was shocked by how much fun he had with it. Not to mention the kids...there were tons of them there and Colin would have stayed there all day watching them. He really seemed to have a great time and did not get bored once. At the quiet pool on our street, he gets antsy after just a little while, but he would have stayed at the big pool forever! I am glad we figured this out because it gives us one more free activity to enjoy with the man. The rest of my friends are going to have to bring their babies over to swim there...ya'll will love it! Colin was so worn out when we got home...he slept from 6:30pm to 6:30am! NICE! :-)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Party Video

This is the short video of Colin flirting. Enjoy! :-)

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