Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cleaning Attempts With Colin and Ferris Mewler

In what can no doubt be contributed to the Swine Flu hysteria that is sweeping North Texas, I decided to clean the house today. Last night they officially shut down Ft. Worth ISD and asked kids to stay away from daycare and large public places like Chuck E. Cheese. GOOD LORD. I am not easily freaked out and that finally scared me a bit. I hope this ends quickly. UGH! Anyway, I had cleaning on the brain when I woke up this morning, so I started with our room and washed the sheets. The pictures are from my crude attempts to put the sheets back on the bed. Colin was all over the place and so was the silly panther. We ended up doing a lot more playing than cleaning, but I did end up with cute pictures of my precious man. Enjoy!

Kitty love!

More hugs for Ferris Mewler! (excuse the wreck of my room...we were cleaning out everything)

Big smiles for Mama!

Colin turns my bed into a bounce house

Just being adorable. And wrecking my bed. :-)


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! I LOVE how Colin and Ferris Mewler are buddies. And I still crack up everytime I read "Ferris Mewler". Best cat name EVER!

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