Friday, May 1, 2009

Water Fun and Skinny Bitch Update #2

Before bed, I must post two things: 1. I lost 2.5 lbs this week. Last night it was closer to 4 lbs, but that damn scale hates me. So today, it is 2.5. ;-) I will take it and be most pleased.

Secondly, I had to post these pictures from tonight! We all spent a few minutes doing small lawn maintenance things outside, but Colin turned it into a water park event. He is so precious! Enjoy!

Please note my lovely husband shooting the innocent photographer. Sniff sniff!

This last one is easily my favorite...I caught Colin mid jump into the puddle! :-)


April said...

He looks THRILLED to be playing in the water. So cute. And way to go on project skinny bitch...that makes me laugh every time I read it...kind of like Ferris Mewler. *snort* LOVE IT.

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