Friday, February 20, 2009

19 Months Old!

Colin Dickson is 19 months old today! He is such a big guy! We had a great day together running errands and playing. It took me two stops, but I finally bought book three, Eclipse, and I am looking forward to reading a little bit tonight. I went to Wal-Mart and Target today, yet still managed to forget eggs. Why must I always forget at least one important thing every single time I go to the store?!? While that adds little to the value of this post, I thought you should know. :-)

Colin is currently obsessed with cats. He absolutely adores them. He now finds them everywhere...regardless of what book we are reading, if he spies a cat in the illustrations, he yells, "KITTY!!!!!". He laughs and points and starts jumping up and down, which ruins the story being read, but is still adorable. He shouts kitty whenever he sees one on TV and also when he lays eyes on Ferris Mewler. Ferris now uses it as a warning...when Colin yells kitty, Mr. Mewler takes off. I wish we could get another cat for that is nice and allows actual physical contact, which Ferris Mewler is vehemently opposed to. I doubt that will happen anytime soon...our two pets are plenty for this household. Tomorrow is Jer's birthday and I am very happy to announce that we are actual having DATE NIGHT!!!!! Aunt Alie is coming to keep Colin and we have big plans for dinner and a movie. The evening is Jer's choice and tonight he decided that he really wants to head into Dallas to eat at our all time favorite Thai place. I am beside myself with excitement...our favorite food eaten in normal time without fear of a toddler meltdown. This is very exciting!

I would also like to add that February is the month of birthdays for people I love. It is really rather annoying. It makes me feel like the black sheep. ;-) I celebrate a lot in February. My twin sisters are the 8th, mom is the 12th, dad is the 16th, Jer is the 21st, brother-in-law is the 28th, and Kate and Carson are also the 12th. So here is one great big happy birthday to all you crazy people! I love you!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have been living like a hermit now for over a month...since Colin has been all over the map with sleep, I have been avoiding taking him to any morning activities. I am always so concentrated on naps that I don't want to risk him falling asleep in the car (which destroys all hope for a legit nap) or worse yet, having a sleepy man tantrum wherever we are going. It hit me this morning that despite us staying home and me being the nap nazi, Colin is still not sleeping any better at all. I decided that I need to try a different approach all together. We need to live our lives, Colin needs to play with other kids, and we basically need to get out of this house and do things. So I went totally out of my comfort zone. I let Colin destroy the inside of my closet so that I could brush my teeth and hair and put on a small amount of actual make-up. I tucked him into the car and we headed out to attend our first and long awaited Gymboree class. The class is a Christmas present from Shannon and the twins...easily the best present of the season! We have been trying to start for literally weeks, with me postponing it every time due to naps. I called on my way (I was not going to take no for an answer) and told them we would like to sign up at the last minute for today's class. They said it was no problem, so we made it there about 15 minutes early for the 9:30 class. There was a good bit of confusion...we ended up attending the play class for 10 - 16 month olds. OOPS. The woman at the front desk was not the sharpest tool in the shed and failed to direct me to the right place. It was funny...I knew Colin was WAY older than the kids playing and figured we were just waiting for music class to start, since we were early. Nobody ever came to get us, so we attended the whole wrong class. We worked it out afterwards with the woman apologizing profusely to me and (obviously) not counting the class as one of his four music classes. So we basically got a free morning of play time including awesome bubbles and toys. Colin was not broken up about it. ;-) He had a blast even though he was a little tired. He loves the bubbles so much...that was also his favorite part of Gabby's party at The Little Gym. We are going to start music class next Friday morning at 10:30. There are more kids in that class and Miss April, the teacher, said she thought Colin would have a good time. I am very excited to try that one. I think we will start keeping up with these classes and try everything, including Kindermusik. Colin needs the interaction and the different environment, as do I! We will be heading to the park today to complete our fun filled day together...we make a very good team!

Oh, and sadly, there are no pictures from Gymboree this morning. Although I don't recall Colin having access to it at all, the camera has gone into the black toddler hole. I will find it....hopefully soon. I just need to start thinking of places that I would never think of. Ha!

Also, I finished "New Moon", book two of the Twilight series. I personally thought that Bella was rather annoying in this book and I am looking forward to a new path in book three. I did remind myself that the character is 17, but could she have been more melodramatic? Anyway, I will have the next book shortly! :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creative Title Goes Here.

Happy Valentines Day, President's Day, and any other assorted holiday I might have missed over the last few days. Colin is having a really hard time right now...he woke up today at 4:16am. I have tried everything under the sun to help him including putting him to bed earlier, later, trying to get two naps, one nap, everything. This has been going on for several weeks now on and off, but the last week has been especially bad. Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that Colin has a hard time with sleep. Routine has been key and he seemed "cured" of his problems from 11 - 18 months. It feels almost like a switch was turned at that 18 month point and I can't figure out how to fix it again. I know I need him back in a routine, but I can't seem to find the sweet spot again that equals Colin sleeping past 4:15. The weight of this issue feels like it is pushing at me Colin is begging me to help him and I don't have the answers that I should. I feel that I should be able to help him...I am his mommy, that is my job! I know I will figure it out, I just have to be patient. The poor little man is so tired!

I am behind on posting again...mainly because when Colin is in a sleep pattern like this, it is crucial that I try to get some rest while he is sleeping. Therefore, no posts, no return emails or phone calls...this is when I know that all my friends and family start to wonder if we are alive. :-) I promise that I am okay...just worn out. I have been feeling pretty down for the last couple of days...when I get truly exhausted, I start to think that I am failing at juggling everything. I wonder if people in the "outside world" understand what my life is like. Then, I spotted this article on a friends Facebook page. I had to post gave me chills. I have never read anything in my life that more accurately describes what it is like to be me. I know that all of my precious friends will appreciate this the way that I do. Click on the picture to make it large enough to read.

I really wish that I could wrap my arms around Carolyn and hug her until it hurts. I feel like I should pin this article to my shirt. These last few picture are of Jeremy in Jolly Old England. It almost impossible for me to be more jealous of him. :-)

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