Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Stuff

I am swamped. How is the 4th of July NEXT WEEKEND?? In a matter of what feels like moments, the summer is well under way and Colin's birthday is coming up. I am trying very hard to decide what to do for his party and the time has come to make a decision and pronto! We are still debating having a party or taking just the family out to a water park. I go back and forth every hour on the subject. Jer is of the more practical nature and thinks that at this age, Colin would have more fun just doing something extra special with us. I tend to agree and Jer and I have some fun options we are thinking about. We shall see...but I am running out of time to decide!

Colin is napping and I have a million things I need to be doing, so I will end this post for now and try to write more later tonight. I have been working on a digital scrapbook for Colin and going through all of his pictures from the last two years has made me very nostalgic. He is growing up so fast!! I am trying to get caught up on his scrap book before he hits his second birthday so that I will be back on top of things and making the pages in real time this year! Just another thing to add to my to do list. I will leave you with a video of Colin at the pool yesterday. I took this with our point and shoot camera, so the quality is bad and I warn you in advance to turn your volume down. I yell to Colin and it is very loud and very annoying. ;-) I decided to post it regardless because Colin is showing off his extreme jumping for his loyal fans at the pool. This kid loves nothing more than a) water and b) attention. ;-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

It is flipping HOT outside. As usual in Texas, we jumped from 80 degree days to 100 degree days without skipping a beat. Colin and I have been spending as much time as possible in air conditioning or at the pool. Days at the park are done until water, no me. :-) We met friends at the splash park yesterday and good lord have mercy was it HOT! Colin seems to have no concept of the temps because he spent most of the time on the playground instead of in the water. I was following him around the slides begging him to play in the splash zone instead, "Please? Pretty please?? Mama is melting, baby..." The good news is that he wore himself out and took a wonderful 2.5 hour nap, which is always a good thing!!

Colin is still changing so much everyday it words, new tricks and new accidents. He busted my lip wide open this morning by tossing Jer's PDA at me. I was laying in bed and Colin picked it up and threw it while sitting on my lap. He has gotten so much better with the throwing lately that I have started to let my guard down while he is holding heavy objects, which was obviously not a good plan. To look on the bright side, my bottom lip looks decidedly like Angelina Jolie's at the moment. Despite the war wound, Colin is getting a lot better at expressing himself without violence. Really. ;-) He is adding to his vocabulary every single day and forever surprising me with things he knows. He love love LOVES to cook with me. Whenever he sees me start to even head toward the kitchen, he runs into the laundry room, points at the step ladder we keep there and yells, "COOK!!". I will set the ladder where I am standing and he crawls up and starts to oversee and point things out. It takes me forever to get anything done, but he loves it so much that I let him. I think raising a man who loves to cook should get me a medal one of these days. It does run in the family, Jeremy is an excellent chef.

I will stop for the moment and leave you with some random photos...the lone shot of Colin and Gabby during their playdate on Monday and a couple of Colin and I during our endless sweaty playtime. Almost daily someone points out how much Colin resembles me and I can see it in the picture on the couch. When our heads are turned at the same angle, you can see our matching noses and smiles. Except that I missed out on the delicious dimples. Pooh! :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gabby and Dana!

Dana and Gabby came over to our neck of the woods this morning for a pool/lunch play date and we had the best time! Colin seemed to really enjoy Gabby and did not even throw anything at her, which is probably the best news of the day. ;-) They swam around like little fish and Colin taught Gabby how to jump off the side of the pool to her Mama. Gabby was very careful about the whole thing and Colin was literally throwing himself off the side of the pool with no regard to personal safety, as usual. The difference between girls and boys is so adorable! Colin also can't seem to comprehend that pools have deep ends and that he can't swim. Captain Daredevil is his new name. Colin immediately began calling Gabby by name (Ga-Ga) and pointing her out to me when she was across the pool. They were so cute! We all came back over to our house for a quick lunch, although I think Gabby and Colin ate maybe two bites each. They were far too excited with each other to waste time eating. They both got up and down from their stools about 10 times. Colin turned into a bit of a fuss pot before they left and sure enough, he passed right out when I laid him in his bed. He was worn out from all the good fun!

The bad news is that I somehow only managed to take two pictures the entire time! I was so busy trying to make sure that Colin did not plunge to his demise in the pool that I did not have time for my usual extreme picture taking. On top of that, once again the cord for the camera is missing in the toddler black hole. I will post my single picture when (or if) I even find it. ;-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Traditions

I have decided to begin writing more posts about the little traditions that I grew up with. My friends all seem to enjoy the posts about our funny family folklore, or at least they humor me. I also plan to publish this blog in book form, probably in two year segments, for Colin to keep. I think it will be fun for him to have the stories of his family to look back on.

In order to understand why these traditions mean so much, it helps to know a little about my childhood. I grew up in a very close family of five, me with my twin sisters and my parents. My sisters are four years my junior. For numerous reasons that are long and notwithstanding, we were largely just the five of us all the time. We did not really have an extended family to speak of and lived far from our grandparents. The main mission in life for my parents was to give us the childhood that they never had and to experience the family that they always dreamed of. I think they went far childhood was amazing. Since it was generally just the five of us, we created our own little traditions and we love nothing more than sticking to them. One of the first ones I remember is "Trawick Night at the Movies". The whole family would go down to Times Square Cinema (right down the street from our house) for the big occasion. We would always get so excited when when we saw a preview of a new movie that seemed to fit the bill. We always ordered popcorn and drinks, including my dad's famous "Coke Light", which is half Coke and half Diet Coke. We then pack into the theatre and fight over who is sitting by who. There was always a lot of shuffling over each other ("I am sitting by Daddy this time!") and once we got seated, my dad would always reach over everybody to poke us in our seats in the dark (Chalna, is that you?? Poke poke). We were so loud and silly and my dainty little mom would always just quietly munch her popcorn and shake her head at us. We made the biggest production out of these nights and they always brought us so much joy. Trawick Night at the Movies could also be held at home with a rented movie, which also happened literally every weekend. But the big fun was going to the theatre. We still do it and it is still called Trawick Night at the Movies, even if two more last names are involved now. Since Meredith and I had our boys, the whole group has not been together at the theatre, since they have been too little for movie night. But mark my words, when we get back, despite being grown women, we will still fight over who is sitting by which parent. :-)
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