Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Allergies and Oprah

Good news again today for me...I am feeling better and getting much more movement back! Thank goodness! I was able to pick Colin up several times today, although I did try not to overdo it.

His poor eye looks terrible and now his cheeks are very red with a rash also. In looking at all the baby food he has been getting, the only new thing he has tried within the past two weeks is blueberry. So, I tossed all the stuff with blueberry in it this afternoon and we will see what happens. I am totally at a loss for what else it could possibly be and I feel so bad for him! If he is not better tomorrow, I think I may take him back to the pedi just to be sure. That will be three straight days of the alergy medicine and I think that should be enough time to at least notice that he does not itch anymore! He was rubbing at the eye all day long today, so I know it has not helped as of yet.

I just watched the episode of Oprah that I recorded today and it was all about making over women who are blah. This REALLY hit home when I watched it today...Since I quit working, I have realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear. All of my clothes were dress clothes and I only needed a couple of pairs of jeans for the weekends. Now that I don't dress for work, I realized that if you take away all of my suits and high heels, I have nothing to wear at all!! I just rotate two pairs of pajama pants all week long and switch out the old t-shirts that I normally would only sleep in!! NOT GOOD! They had lots of good tips for dressing casually and comfy, but staying stylish and presentable. I am going to work on that. Since we are on a major budget now that my income is gone, it will be a slower process, but I am confident that I can find some really inexpensive items that will help spruce me up! It is amazing how much everything changes when you become a stay-at-home mom. Things like this that I would never have thought of pop up all the time. But let me tell is TOTALLY worth it! :-)


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