Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, the string of important February birthdays is coming to an end...we had my sisters, my mom, my dad, and last but NEVER least, we have my amazing and wonderful husband Jeremy. He is 33 years old today!

My husband is the best man in the entire world. He is the love of my life and I really and truly cannot imagine a single moment without him. He is the kindest man that I have ever met...he has treated me with love and respect since the very beginning. People always tell me that Jer and I are "odd" because we never fight. This is true...I can count on one hand the number of times we have argued and even then, we have never raised our voices once and we have been married almost 5 years and together for 2 before that! The reason for this is because he is calm and caring and never gets too worked up about the small stuff. I absolutely love that about him. I hope that our son has those traits as well.

Jer always looks out for me and always takes care of me. He is my other half...I go to him with every single problem or need and he always makes me feel better. He is hysterical! We roll with laughter in our house almost every single day because Jer is cracking me up about one thing or another. I wish I could put into words how secure I feel with him as my husband. He is good and true and loves me better than anyone ever could. I never doubt him EVER. Our relationship is the rock in my life. It is the one thing that I can always count on.

It is funny...we have neighbors across the street and we call them "angry couple". They are outside fighting with each other ALL THE TIME! The husband is constantly yelling. Every single time I see them, I am reminded how lucky I am to have Jer. He has never yelled at me and never would. He cooks like a chef, he cleans the house like a pro, he has been changing the kitty litter forever (and he HATES that!), he can put together anything and does so happily, he fixes everything around the house, and he gave me the most beautiful son in the whole world. I love him so much more than I could ever say and I am so lucky that God blessed me with such an amazing gift.

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the whole wide world!!!


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