Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Colin and Enzo!

Today has been a better day...still not worth much around the house, but I was able to play with Colin more today, which made me feel a lot better. We had a fun day with Enzo...I have not blogged much about our beloved little dog, but he is one of the highlights of our lives. Enzo is an Italian Greyhound who will be four years old next month. He was our first baby when when we purchased him almost four years ago! He was a tiny pup and immediately became the focus of our lives. To this day, Enzo sleeps under the covers with us all night long. In fact, we always get up way before he does...he does not make an appearance in the living room until after 8:00 am! We were worried about the transition for him when we had Colin, but he has been a champ. He adores Colin and is very respectful of him. Until very recently, he did not really pay much attention to the little man. Well, today I gave Colin a Ritz cracker to hold while I fed him lunch in the hopes that it would distract Colin from smearing food all over his face. Enzo immediately figured out that Colin was finally holding food that was of interest to him! Enzo jumped up on eye level with Colin and begged for the cracker! Which cracked Colin up so much that Colin ended up handing the cracker to Enzo!! This happened four times in a row before I gave up on the cracker all together...we were rolling with laughter!

Just about an hour later, I was sitting on the floor with Colin playing with his blocks. Enzo was running around us with his floppy frisbee in his mouth, wanting me to play with him. For the first time ever, Colin grabbed the frisbee out of Enzo's mouth! Enz was so shocked!! Enzo started playing tug of war with Colin like he does with me and Jer!! I kept a close eye on the whole thing and Enzo was more gentle with Colin, but they were tugging it back and forth away from each other! Colin was going crazy with laughter! Enzo then turned over Colin's box of blocks and sat down next to us to play with them...it was simply adorable! Today was the first day that I saw a glimpse of what Enzo will be like with his "boy". I have a funny feeling that we are going to lose Enzo to Colin before we know it!

In more Colin news...as you can see from the picture, his left eye is in bad shape. That is actually not the eye with the blocked tear duct! He has been rubbing the left eye so hard that it is now very swollen and bright red. We took him to the pedi yesterday and he thinks it is probably allergies because the eye itself is fine, it is the skin around the eye that is red. We started on our first dose of allergy medicine today and hope it gets better fast!! It itches the poor little guy so badly!! His cheeks are also broken out, so we are trying to figure out the cause. I bought new fabric softener last week, so I think that may be it. Colin never had a reaction to our soaps or softeners before, so I quit worrying about it. That might have been a bad idea! I tossed the softener today and went back to ALL Free and Clear, so hopefully that is the problem! I seriously doubt it could be the dog or cat since he has lived with them all along and never had a problem. We shall see!!


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