Friday, February 22, 2008

Follow Up with Doc

I went to the doctor today and ended up with little news at this point. I did succeed in getting refills on my prescriptions and x-rays taken. Now I have to wait to hear from the back doctor that I was referred to. My family doctor thinks some physical therapy with him will help and I am excited to start. I am ready for my back to stop hurting so I can freely play with Colin again! I hate that I am still having trouble doing the little stuff with him that I love!

It is almost 5pm and Colin just now went down for his afternoon nap. I let the time get away from me this afternoon and just realized what time it was! I will probably pay for this tonight! I am going to give it an hour and wake him up. Hopefully that won't mess with his bedtime routine too much!

Colin, Jer and I had lunch today at our favorite old Mexican place close to our house. We call it "Green Sauce Cafe". This is NOT the actual name of the restaurant. They serve green sauce with their hot sauce and Jer started calling it Green Sauce Cafe soon after we started eating there. He does this all the time with places we eat at. He makes up a name (more often than not, it is something hilarious and inappropriate) and then it sticks. I am betting that will be one of the first things that embarrasses Colin about his dorky parents.


Anonymous said...

...and like his word "crondoms"!!! HAHAHA!

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