Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Okay, so the first picture displayed here is from last night. Ferris Mewler the cat and Enzo the dog decided to take a relaxing snooze together on the couch and were caught in the act. Ferris Mewler is a cat well known for kicking Enzo's butt, so the fact that I caught them laying together has not gone unnoticed. Ferris likes to pretend that he hates Enzo (and everyone else in our house, for that matter) but I think it may be an act.
The second picture was taken just a couple of hours ago. I finally figured out that I could use the old Boppy to prevent Colin from falling and hitting his head while he is practicing his sitting. He absolutely LOVED to be sitting there playing on his own. Instead of me having to sit behind him the whole time, I was able to sit in front of him and interact, which he found to be far more favorable! I was even able to put up groceries at the same time he was playing, which was very liberating. (oh, the little things!) Colin is finding it more and more fun to be independent and I love watching it!
We tried a new Chinese buffet close to our house today and it actually did not suck. That is a miracle! Colin also made his first trip to the "gun store" with his dad and had a great time. I know Jer is just itching to take Colin out shooting soon...I am pretty sure that when Colin gets old enough to go shooting with his Dad, I will not see him again. I better have a girl next, or I will have no companionship. ;-)


Melibelle said...

Seriously could he be more handsome? So glad your blogging! :):)

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