Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fatty McFat

I am getting really fat. Sensationally fat. Ridiculously fat. Things are about to change PRONTO. Since I have been off work (which is close to a month now) I have been fine tuning my cooking skills. Every night of the week I have tried some different menu item that sounded fantastic. The problem is that most of these menu items that sounded fantastic did so because they called for heavy cream, butter, or butter and heavy cream. I have been having so much fun finding out that I like to cook that I forgot that I am also EATING what I make! I have not been on a scale, but I am willing to bet that I have put on 10 lbs this month. I am not even kidding. I look like a Chalna balloon. NOT GOOD! I needed to lose 40 lbs to start with and now that is probably more like 55. NICE.

On the schedule for tomorrow: go purchase healthy cookbooks and re-vamp
the menu for next week.

Since I already did all the shopping for this weeks menu's, I will have to stick it out tomorrow and Friday. Which means that tomorrow I am having Philly Burgers with cream cheese and mushroom topping. on earth did I gain 10 lbs in a month!? GOOD JOB CHALNA. At least I had fun doing it.

Also involved in my new health kick was the Oprah show that I watched today. I am not sure if it was today's actual show since I tivo, but it was from this week for sure. It was Dr. Oz with all kinds of good info on healthy living and staying young. I actually watched it back again and took notes! I really want to make these changes now...I have not felt well in a long time and I know that it comes from too much weight and not enough activity. When Jer and I got married, I was very healthy, worked out constantly, and weighed about 40ish pounds less than I do now. That is a lot considering that I am only 5'2. Not only did I look tons better than I do now, but I FELT so much better. For me, this is not really about the number on the scale, but rather feeling good again. It is time...I am going to have a little boy to run after!!! :-)

Sidebar...Kid to Kid is the greatest store ever. For those who don't have them, it is a resale shop for kiddos including just about everything you can think of. We got Colin's bigger vibrating chair there for $15! He sits in it every morning to watch tv while I make breakfast and just loves it. It is a super expensive one that I would have paid $50 in the store for! At least! Also, they frequently have clothes that have never even been worn! Today, I got Colin three pairs of Talbots baby shorts for $2.50 each!!! TALBOTS! Two still had the price tags and one looked like it had maybe been worn once. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm in the same boat too, but I'm not yet at the point of doing something about it yet. I am just chronically fatigued. I can't seem to muster the engergy to go for a walk and even attempt to cook healthier.

I saw a recent photo of myself today, and after the initial shock of "damn, I am fat" came the "damn, I look old." I think this past year of sleep deprivation, not taking care of myself, etc. has caught up. I would kill to have 1 night alone in a nice hotel to sleep and then 1 day at a spa. Maybe then I would feel motivated again. :)

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