Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Glider

More changes in the world of Colin...although this seems like no big deal, it is to me. Before Colin was born, I carefully picked out the glider rocker that I planned to use and got it all set up in Colin's room. I had the room in perfect order with a pretty lamp right beside the chair. When I came home from the hospital with Colin, we quickly realized that Colin needed to be rocked often and for long periods of time. Rocking was just about the only thing that would settle him down in the beginning. So we moved the glider into our living room. It matches nothing there and is totally in the way, but it was a lifesaver for me. I rocked Colin in that chair for every single feeding and every time he cried. With the rocker in the living room, I was able to stay out with everyone instead of being locked away in Colin's room for hours at a time.

Things have been changing rather quickly around here lately...Colin does not like to be rocked anymore when he eats!! He insists on laying on his blanket on the floor to drink. I still have to hold the bottle, but he does not want to be held while he eats. The only exception to this is his feeding when he wakes in the middle of the night. He still wants to be rocked for that one. But other than that, no rocking for him! Now when he cries or gets fussy, he generally wants to play with something or be entertained, not rocked. Now he only wants to be rocked before naps and bedtime when he is tired. Then he turns into my little baby again. Bottom line...we don't need the glider out in the living room anymore. In fact, now I need it in Colin's room. Since Colin likes to be rocked to sleep, I end up carrying him to his crib and the little guy is too heavy now for me to carry across the house from the glider back to his bedroom. So, back in Colin's room it is going. This is a big deal for me because the gilder in the living room represents the early days with Colin. I am excited about all of these changes but I also wish he could stay tiny forever!!


Shannon said...

I know what you mean. A few days ago we removed their crib bumpers, mobile and lowered the mattresses. It made me sad. I remember putting all of that on the first time when I was pregnant. Now that they are mobile, I realized that life will never be the same again. I will always be chasing after them -- even when they are 25. :)

What do you mean you can't carry Colin across the house? You can't carry 20 lbs?

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