Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Alieson and Meredith!

Today is a big day in history, good people! Today is my sisters birthday! They are 27 years old today, which means I am about to turn 31, which I don't want to talk about. marks the day that I got my very own set of identical twin baby sisters. I was just about 4 years old and as excited as I could be. In honor of this day, I will tell a great story about the three of us.

I was probably 10 years old and the girls were about 6. We used to fight like cats and dogs back then...I mean knock down drag out fights. They frequently used their wonder twin powers to beat the hell out of me and get me in trouble. :-) We also used to have the best time together making up the silliest games in the whole world. Those were before days of computers and video games and all the crap kids have today. We had to come up with our own games and my sisters and I were champions at this. So, on this day, we were playing "hall ball". This game consisted of closing all the doors into the one long hallway in our house so that it was a closed off space. Then we turned all the lights out, making it pitch dark, and threw a ball. In the dark, the three of us would run blindly around trying to be the first to find the ball in complete darkness. As you can imagine, there were frequent accidents and several near misses on broken bones while throwing ourselves around a blacked out hallway fighting over a tennis ball. (I AM ROLLING WITH LAUGHTER THINKING ABOUT THIS!) During this game, we somehow got into a huge fight over who actually found the ball first. I don't remember logistics, but I remember that it got heated and we began beating each other up. In this hallway, there was wainscoating all down it and above the wainscoating were framed pictures. So in the heat of this fight, we slammed one of the hall doors so hard that the three framed pictures fell off the wall and knocked the molding off the wainscoating on that side of the wall!!!! It was the loudest thing you ever heard and this is after my mom had yelled at least 10 times for us to stop fighting. Immediately, we turned into damage control and joined forces again. When my mom exploded into the hallway, we chased her back out together claiming that she was ruining our game and that loud noise was just me falling or something insane like that. We smiled and hugged each other like all was well. When she reluctantly left (she knew we were up to something!) we worked together to hang the pictures back up and we SCOTCH TAPED the molding back into place. That is right, we used scotch tape to put molding back on the wall. The funny thing is that it took my poor tired mom weeks to notice that tape was holding up her molding and by that time, we had already taken the sister oath not to tattle and claimed total ignorance. My parents are lucky to be alive after raising the three of us! :-)

Some other time I will tell the story of Meredith and the great gum incident of 1985. hehe!

Happy Birthday, Girlies! :-)


Anonymous said...

That is the funniest story! It reminds me a lot of the mischief my cousins and I would get into.

The more I think about it, hall ball sounds fun. Can adults play?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Ahh, good times! You're have way too much crap to play with. Fun for them requires no imagination anymore. It's just tragic. You've reminded me of another game. Two words........panty races. LOL!!!!

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