Monday, February 4, 2008

Idiot Move of the Year

So, as everyone can see from my recent posts, I have been ATTEMPTING to pick up rollerblading. My husband is great at it and when we go on walks as a family, he will wear his blades and end up miles ahead of me. We bought a pair for me and immediately afterwards I got pregnant, so they have been gathering dust. I got them out again a few days ago and have been practicing. I usually only last for about half the time and then change into my tennis shoes on the road somewhere. My problem with these damn things is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop. You have to lift up your right foot in order to use the rubber brake at the BACK of the wheels. This is impossible to me and I have been trying SO HARD. I have good balance and enjoy actually rolling around, but I cannot stop. Which brings us to yesterday. Another balmy day of 75 degree weather and since I am on my health kick, we lace up and head out. We have paved trails all around our neighborhood and we were heading down some on our way to feed the ducks at the pond. These specific trails were downhill, but it did not look extreme, so I headed down them in front of Jer who had Colin in his stroller. And all of a sudden, I was going fast. Really REALLY fast. So I try to use my brake, which results in both of my feet flying out from under me and me landing completely on my butt. Like all of my weight without breaking my fall AT ALL on my butt. Nice. So, not only do I look like a total jack ass, but now I hurt in places that I did not know could hurt. Luckily nothing was broken, but let me tell you...hefting around a 19 lb baby is not easy when you are in severe pain from the middle of your back down to your toes. I am such an idiot...I knew better than to be blading down those trails with nowhere to go (i.e. GRASS) to slow down. Yet another risk that a mom can't afford to make...SO DUMB! I need painkillers.


Shannon said...


That reminded me of the time I was riding my bike at UT Tyler and the damn handle bar came off. Like completely off! I looked like one of those circus clowns riding on a unicycle except not nearly as graceful and I was going downhill towards the pond. I, too, was not smart enough to go towards the grass -- hmm, not that I could steer or anything -- and ended up falling off going very fast and sliding on my bare stomach for what seemed like forever. Ahh, good times. :)

Good for you to get back into rollerblading. My new excuse for not walking the twins in the neighborhood more is that we don't have trees and I don't like the sun in my face. :) L-A-M-E, I know.

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