Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good food and good curls!

I tried to take some pictures of Colin tonight while we were changing into our pj's...his hair is so curly at the moment and I wanted to attempt to capture it on film. It did not work out too well with the dark chair in the background, but he is super cute, so I posted them anyway. :-)

Tonight will go down in history. We went to dinner at our favorite little Mexican place and ordered the guacamole as usual. Jer asked me if I thought it would be alright to let Colin have some and I figured it would be fine to let him try it. Colin has not really liked any table food that I have given him so far. He always just spits whatever it is out and then plays with it. I knew the same thing was about to happen...their guac is not hot spicy, but has lots of flavors including garlic, onions, salt, and lemon juice. There was no way Colin was going for it. I was COMPLETELY wrong! I should have known...Colin adores guacamole! He seriously would have eaten the entire plate if I had let him! He did not even get any on him! There were no misses! He ate every single bite I gave him and begged for more! That is my baby!! ;-) Not only that, but he also tried to eat all of my beans as well!! I just can't get over it! Two brand new foods and he was eating them with a passion! Jer and I would eat Mexican food for every meal, so it was just too funny that Colin was all over it. We were all laughing for the entire meal. He also was picking up pieces of my rice and putting them in his mouth!! What a fun made me so happy to see my little man love something that we gave him. Now...if he sleeps well tonight...I am going to buy avocados and refried beans in the morning! haha!! :-)


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