Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pools and Milk

Well, the weekend is upon us and the pool drama continues. The workers seriously ruined our sprinkler system. There are several feet of pipe uprooted all along the side of our house...totally broken and ripped to shreds. The pool company refused to pay for a penny of the damages, instead referring to a form that the homeowner signed (our neighbor) saying he was responsible for any damage to the neighbors yard. So our neighbor now has to pay to have our entire sprinkler system redone. Needless to say, he is furious and so are we. The men who came in to demo the yard never measured or even looked over the yard. They just railroaded right in and ruined everything without even attempting to avoid the damage. That is just wrong. Since they are still going back and forth with heavy machinery, we can't have our sprinkler system fixed yet. So our neighbor went out and bought us old school sprinklers that we have to use for god knows how long. This is NOT cool.

In Colin news, he is officially off formula as of today! I finished the last of the formula yesterday around lunch time and we switched to milk cold turkey. Colin has not even blinked! I had been giving him a milk bottle at bedtime for the last week to get him used to the taste, and he loved it. So we went to milk full time yesterday afternoon and he is doing great so far. My baby is turning into such a big boy!!!


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