Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 16 Months!!

Colin is 16 months old today and to mark the occasion, he got his second flu shot. YIKES! He finally slept decently last night and woke up slight before six, which is GREAT in comparison to the last few nights. I hated to mess with things by getting a shot, but I know better than to put things like that off. We just got home and he is in good spirits. I made him pose for the impromptu photo shoot since I needed his official 16 month photo. He looks like a big boy to me could just be the jeans, but he looks older!

Colin at 16 months...lots of changes going on with the little guy! Here are some of the few I can think of at the moment:

*He has started to say a lot more and his babbling is starting to sound more like words. The oh no and okay are the newest and he is starting to repeat after me a lot more than he used to. I work with him everyday and whenever we go shopping, I constantly point out objects and tell him their name and what they are. I know people think I am crazy, but the pedi said it was good for him. I don't mind looking silly one bit.
*He loves to play "I'm gonna get you" where I run after him and tickle him. He laughs so hard when I announce that I am going to get him.
*I pulled out a big Ziploc bag full of last winter's baby socks and it has become his favorite toy. He loves to pull out the balls of socks and put them in different places or show them to me. It is always the little things that he ends up loving.
*He loves his new footed pj's and looks crazy adorable in them. I was not sure if he would go for them, but he thinks they are great and they do a much better job of keeping him warm than just his blanket, which he still kicks off immediately.
*He has not started using a pillow just yet...I tried it during his cold and he just scoots off of it to lay on the flat crib.
*He loves Charlie and Lola on Playhouse Disney. At the moment, this show has surpassed even The Wiggles, which I thought impossible. I thought maybe it was just the theme song or their British accents that he liked, but today I had the TV on mute and he caught sight of Lola and started to point and laugh hysterically.
* He is wearing size 18 or 24 month pants and 24 month and 2T shirts and onesies. It really depends on the brand and I have gotten pretty good at knowing which ones run big and which ones run small. Any one piece outfit has to be at least 2T because of Colin's height. 18 month don't come close to snapping. Most 18 month pants are perfect, but I have found exceptions.
*He still loves to eat pretty much anything.
There is a ton more I could write, but Colin has had it with me at the computer. Here are more shots from the front yard shoot. Happy day, little man!! :-)


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